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A63 westbound between A1033 and A1165 | Westbound | Congestion

A184 eastbound between A194(M) and A19 | Eastbound | Congestion

A69 eastbound between B6528 near Throckley (east) and A1 | Eastbound | Congestion

A19 northbound between A1290 and A184 | Northbound | Congestion

A19 northbound between A66 and A1046 | Northbound | RoadOrCarriagewayOrLaneManagement

M62 J29 eastbound access | Eastbound | Congestion

M621 westbound between J4 and J3 | Westbound | Congestion

M62 eastbound between J36 and J37 | Eastbound | RoadOrCarriagewayOrLaneManagement

A19 southbound between A194 and A184 | Southbound | Congestion

A1 southbound between A184 and A692 | Southbound | Congestion

M62 eastbound between J29 and J30 | Eastbound | Accident

A1 southbound within the A1056 junction | Southbound | Congestion

link road from M1 J42 southbound exit to M62 J29 roundabout | Southbound | Congestion

A66 eastbound between A685 and A67 near Bowes | Eastbound | Overturned Vehicle

A628 eastbound between A6024 and A616 | Eastbound | Overturned Vehicle

A1 northbound between A1167 near Berwick-Upon-Tweed (north) and Scottish Border | Northbound | RoadOrCarriagewayOrLaneManagement

A66 eastbound between A685 and A67 near Bowes | Eastbound | RoadOrCarriagewayOrLaneManagement

A628 westbound between A616 and A6024 | Westbound | Overturned Vehicle

A19 southbound between A1046 and A66 | Southbound | RoadOrCarriagewayOrLaneManagement


North East Truck & Driver

About Us

North East Truck & Driver is led by a team of Recruitment and Logistics Professionals, each with over 25 years’ experience in both North East and, Nationally based roles. This experience, covers all aspects of the Industry: Parcel delivery driver to LGV Driver. Director of a National, to Operator of a 55-strong fleet.

Align this unique range of Industry experience, to the fact that we are the North East’s leading Specialist in Recruitment and LGV Sub Contract Solutions and the reasons for choosing us as your strategic supply partner become clearer.

We apply the same, award winning standards to a requirement for one temporary driver as we would for a full scale master vendor agreement.

Strategically located in Newton Aycliffe, Middlesbrough and Felling, we are perfectly positioned to attract the very best candidates and respond quickly and
effectively to the ever-changing needs and demands of your business.


At North East Truck & Driver, we pride ourselves on being your local recruitment specialists. We have over 25 years experience in the North East. It really doesn’t matter what stage your career is at; or even if you are just thinking about a change into the industry; North East Truck and Driver will be there to help and offer guidance and  expertise.


We are your local Haulage experts and can help you move your shipments without the hassle. Our team pride themselves on customer satisfaction and can work around your delivery schedule, making sure your products are delivered on time, every time!

Freight Forwarding

Here at North East Truck & Driver we can manage your shipments, from initial packing, to storage and transport. Meaning you can be safe in the knowledge that the process runs as smoothly as possible. Contact us today to learn more…

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